Health Guarantee

At our macaw parrot aviary, we take the health and well-being of our birds very seriously. That’s why we offer a comprehensive health guarantee on all of our macaws. All of our birds are examined by a licensed veterinarian before they leave our aviary, and we will provide you with a health certificate at the time of purchase.

In the unlikely event that your bird becomes ill within the first 30 days of purchase, we will work with you and your veterinarian to diagnose and treat the issue. If the bird is found to have a congenital or hereditary health issue, we will replace the bird or provide a full refund.

We also offer ongoing support and advice to ensure that your new feathered companion receives the proper care and attention it needs. Rest assured that when you adopt a macaw from our aviary, you are getting a healthy, happy bird with a health guarantee to back it up.

2yr Health Guarantee

Exams Included

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